Creative Direction, Design and Visual Art

Embracing creativity, skill and passion to develop visual narratives.

Mike Nicholls / 94610

Mike Nicholls is a creative director, brand strategist, publisher, visual designer and illustrator. He translates ideas into visionary creative solutions utilizing over 20 years of design experience and natural talent. As Umber Magazine’s creative director, he visually designs and illustrates the perspectives of each release’s contributors, from curation of content to final magazine design. As a founder, Mike is responsible for content creation, community engagement and managing an amazingly talented team. He also enjoys flicking dust balls off of his turntable needles.

  • creative direction 
  • strategy/ideation
  • branding & logo design
  • annual report
  • editorial/publication design
  • visual design
  • illustration

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408.504.9853 |

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Photo: Michole Forks