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Mike Nicholls / 94610

Career Ladders Project

The Career Ladders Project (CLP) works in partnership with California Community Colleges state-wide to provide educational and career advancement opportunities for Californians. They foster employment opportunities through research, policy initiatives and strategic assistance to colleges and their workforce development partners.

CLP approached me to enhance their brand presence with a new identity. They felt that the previous logo didn't resonate with much of their unique programing and state-wide employment initiatives. Working with their Media & Technology Strategist and Executive Director, I reinvigorated the organization's visual identity through an exhaustive and detailed process to create a new logo and brand.

My approach to help CLP rebrand was very hands-on. Firstly, we worked together to build a relationship of trust to make sure I was the right fit. Then, with CLP's help, I immersed myself in the task of learning about their many initiatives. Armed with a deep understanding of CLP's purpose, operations, and value offering, I was able to create a look that would be relevant to supporters, teenage & adult students and prospective employers alike.