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Mike Nicholls / 94610


The Designing Justice+Designing Spaces (DJ+DS) project explores the relationship between restorative justice and architecture to re-envision and re-appropriate the design of institutional space to foster love and forgiveness, if appropriate. It is one of the first methodological approaches for working with incarcerated populations to re-envision, re-appropriate, and re-create the spaces of justice using the values and principles of restorative justice.

The creators of this project came to me with this ground-breaking vision of how they wanted to support a more restorative approach and goals oriented toward accountability, transformation, love, and forgiveness, if desired by those harmed by crime. So the visual identity had to resonate for a variety of justice stakeholders, educators and be practicable for participants and facilitators of the project.

My approach to help DJ+DS started with exploring what is restorative justice and how it can create conflict transformation with peace making. I participated in one of their workshops to get a better understanding of the project and see the positive impact restorative justice can have on the criminal justice system.

Accentuating the notion of recreating and re-envisioning space, I created a logo to express the idea of transformation through progression and movement. The design concept is fluid, welcoming and engaging. In designing the DJ+DS Toolkit, I wanted the design to be a highly functional with an academic and personable feel, lots of whitespace and practical iconography.