Staffing Industry Review

Role: Art direction, lead designer & editorial strategy

Between 2012 and 2018, I served as the art director and lead designer of Staffing Industry Review, an award-winning B2B print magazine covering tools, techniques, and best practices for staffing firm executives in all operational areas, including management, sales, and technology. I led the magazine’s complete redesign and collaborated with a team of editors and designers to create a visually striking and content-relevant publication. In 2011, I undertook the formidable task of overhauling the magazine’s design, aiming for a distinctive presence on bookstore shelves and executive desks. To achieve this, I prioritized bold typography, practical layouts, clean infographics, and compelling imagery, ensuring that design seamlessly complemented the editorial content. Starting in 2021, I collaborated with the editorial team to design some covers.

Selected Covers 

Selected Spreads