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Theory of Change

Theory of Change is a presentation model of methodology that defines elements needed to bring about a long-term goal. In the case for non-profits most of the goals are to promote impactful social change.

CompassPoint, an organization that consults and works with fellow nonprofit leaders, organizations, and networks to achieve higher impact, asked me to create customizable and unique organizational templates for their Theory of Change initiative.

Most Theory of Change (ToC) models are usually presented as scaled down PowerPoint templates using simple boxes and arrows. One of the outcomes I was tasked with was to make CompassPoint’s ToC more illustrative and inline with data visualization. The goal was to create two distinct concepts; one organic in nature and the other more structured and defined. Yet, still practical highlighting the problem, strategy and anticipated changes. For the organic, I created a horizontal interpretation of the golden ratio. The other ToC visual I designed was inspired by sonar technology.

The project was so successful, that I created a custom design for Blue Skies for Children. They really wanted the visual to look like DNA double helix. So I came up with a concept that played on that idea as two ribbons, that when merged, affected the anticipated changes.