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I've had the privilege of donning several hats at Umber – serving as the Creative Director, Founder, and Publisher. As the creative director, I delved into shaping the platform's artistic vision and design direction, weaving immersive design elements with captivating visual narratives to craft an online and print haven that truly engaged our audience and provided a platform for diverse creative expressions. UMBER's inception as founder was a deeply personal journey, aimed at establishing a sanctuary to honor creativity across various domains, fostering a vibrant community that united artists, writers, photographers, and creators of all kinds. In my role as publisher, I meticulously curated a spectrum of content, from thought-provoking articles to visually arresting art features and insightful interviews – an amalgamation of my passion for creative direction and the art of publishing, ensuring UMBER's evolution as a dynamic platform that not only showcased creative ventures but also catalyzed enriching dialogues within the creative sphere.

Designed storytelling, content creation, brand activations, culture design and brand-focused community engagement. Examples: SF Design Week, Music Issue (Bandcamp collab) & Slumber

Umber as published 10 publications:
Umber Graphic Journals
  • Vulnerability
  • Tactile Relationships
  • Sound
  • S.A.M. (Sports, Athletics & Movement)
  • Wealth

BBP (Black & Brown Perspective) Digests
  • Issue One
  • Saul Williams
  • Souls of Mischief
  • Deanna Van Buren

Slumber, an erotica magazine of color

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Photography: Kevin Allen & Jenny Zhou